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Water Project is a success! 

The Need

Since the garden's beginning in 2009, the gardeners have been carrying water long distances to their garden plots.  First, they used the surrounding pond as a water source, walking through the poison ivy and mud to get water.  In 2015 two generous donors enabled us to install two dug wells at opposite corners of our 1.8-acre garden.  However, gardeners were still carrying water up to 200 ft after hand pumping the water from the well. Some gardeners were closer and could access water much more easily and more frequently, and others were at a clear disadvantage.  In 2019 we started imagining a system that would deliver water to everyone more easily and equitably. We knew we needed a tank system.

The Solution

Two local engineers, Jon Hall and Boyd Smith, researched and designed a water distribution system that would pump the water from one well through 800 ft of irrigation pipe to eight 300-gallon tanks that are evenly spaced through the garden. 


We decided to use solar energy to power the system because it is environmentally responsible.  There are no nearby power lines, and we decided not to install an engine that would rely on fossil fuels.

Gardeners are grateful that every plot in the garden is within 50 feet of a self-filling tank that has a faucet.  Everyone has equal access to water for their food crops, and the sun helps make it possible!

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You Made it happen!

The Water Project is a success! As of May 26th, 2022, the sun is powering our system, and the gardeners are using water from the tanks.  Here's the story of how it happened.
In Fall 2021, the Board of Directors took a leap of faith, ordered the solar-powered pump and tanks, and began preparing to install the system. We trusted the community would help us pay for this project and that we could fundraise in the spring of 2022, to cover costs not met by in-kind donations.
In the spring of 2022, volunteer engineers and business community members donated over $3000 of goods and services to complete the installation. This included Contoocook Artisan Well Company who donated all the labor for installing the solar pump and panels; and Thomson Lawn Care who donated all the labor and materials to lay piping from the solar pump to the 8 tanks in the garden. In addition, dozens more people volunteered their time and effort to make our dream a reality, by digging holes, placing the solar panel pole, leveling the tanks, creating the hose connections to the tanks, attaching the tanks to the irrigation system. 

During NH Gives 2022, the public donated over $5000  which was added to a match of $1000 from NHTrust.  This covered all the remaining costs!
It truly took a village to raise the water! 

We are so grateful to every one who donated time, energy, or money to complete this project.

Thank you to these businesses
who made significant donations of goods and services:

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