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We are so excited to launch our newest garden space at the Sycamore Community Garden starting this Spring in 2023! 

This garden installment will primarily focus on native, medicinal, and culturally relevant crops that will thrive in SCG's growing environment. We will also dedicate space in this garden for plants that are important to the Abenaki people.


The purpose of this initiative will be to provide a communal space where groups from diverse backgrounds (current gardeners, local community members, volunteers, field experts, environmentalists, students and educators) can collaborate in this garden space. We are eager to use this space for a multitude of educational purposes.


We are currently planning an upcoming events calendar that will include 3-5 guest speakers to cover an array of garden topics. We will host guest speakers that will provide unique, tailored workshops throughout the growing season. This guest speaker opportunity will also be open to any current gardeners that are interested in sharing from personal experience on the topics of medicinal plants, ethnic crops, and/or agricultural methods. We will also host weekly volunteer opportunities for community members to become more involved in this project! As previous years at SCG, we will also dedicate time to plan an annual pot luck with live music and dancing! 

We are looking forward to this sustainable growth opportunity at SCG to further reach our mission, expand our current networking and collaborative efforts, and continue to learn new skills alongside our SCG community!

We hope to welcome you all at the garden this year!

Many thanks,
Kaylin (Manager), and Danielle (Co-Manager)


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Let’s Work Together

Please reach out if you have any questions or you'd like to become more involved in this initiative. 
We'd love to expand our collaborating efforts and work with new resources!

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Thanks for reaching out! We'll be in touch shortly.
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